The Literarni Noviny Academy

        Our education institution was founded in 2014 around the prestigious cultural weekly newspaper. The tradition of Literarni Noviny dates back to the 1920s, with the newspaper's finest hour coming in 1968 during the Prague Spring. After the renewal of democratic regime in the Czech Republic after 1989, a circle of significant writers, scientists and intellectuals formed again around it.
        The Academy offers an array of courses. Creative writing programmes are led by distinguished Czech writers and poets. The participants meet in the newspaper's premises, and they also go abroad on field trips. The Academy coooperates with partner programmes in the EACWP. In 2015, the Academy organized a creative writing programme in Paris with the support of the Aleph-écriture school, which then reciprocally organized its course in Prague. In 2016, a similar course will be organized in cooperation with the Schule für Dichtung in Vienna. Apart from this, the Academy's offer includes courses in St. Petersburg and Berlin.
        The porfolio of the courses organized by the Literarni Noviny Academy also includes a wide choice of courses in contemporary Czech literature. Programmes in literature for children and young adults and about what is happening in the field of literatures written in English and Russian are also offered. The Academy also concentrates on the media and financial literacy. The courses are led by the members of the newspaper staff, as well as professionals in particular fields.
        The Academy regularly provides information on its recent and future activities on the pages of the Literarni Noviny, and also on its site AKADEMIE.LITERARKY.CZ

Akademie Literárních novin je členem Evropské asociace programů tvůrčího psaní.

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